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Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

Further Onsite Investigation

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) involves onsite (generally subsurface/intrusive) investigations and depending on the level of complexity, uncertainty and risk may take the form of a Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) or Detailed Site Investigation (DSI).

The aim of the Phase 2 ESA is to collect data which provides key information in the development of a detailed conceptual site model of site conditions. Developing the correct project scope necessitates good communication between all project stakeholders with an eye to project deliverables in an efficient and cost-effective manner. At RCA Australia we pride ourselves on being approachable and maintaining a friendly, relaxed and professional presence at all stages throughout our projects.

RCA Australia are able to efficiently respond to the majority of our clients’ needs from small residential to large/diverse investigations. RCA have the capability to undertake manual subsurface investigation using hand augers/shovels, to limit client costs, particularly where preliminary assessment is the focus.

Where more extensive investigation is required, RCA Australia have maintained close working relationships with a number of experienced and knowledgeable local earthworks and drilling contractors and are generally able to secure their services efficiently and cost effectively.

RCA Australia have the experience and capability to work with any nominated/available contractor to suit client’s needs. With over 22 years of experience operating as consultants in the local area RCA Australia have accumulated a significant bank of knowledge which can save time, money and hassles.

RCA Australia are also in a unique position to be able to offer a broad range of services in conjunction with our environmental/contamination assessment which enables us to pass on competitive cost savings to clients.