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Risk Assessment

Developing Realistic Assessment Criteria for Your Site

Tier 1 โ€“ Initially, environmental site assessment generally involves consideration of collected data against pre-determined NEPM screening criteria to provide an indication of whether further assessment, remediation, and/or management may be required.

Tier 2 – NEPM screening criteria are based on a wide range of assumptions that tend to be somewhat conservative and able to be applied to a broad variety of sites. By understanding these assumptions and adjusting them relative to your particular situation it is possible to derive site-specific criteria that are more appropriately targeted to the site and generally less conservative.

Tier 3 โ€“ A more detailed risk assessment involves fully characterising the nature of the contaminants of concern, the specific site transport, and attenuation processes and developing a detailed understanding of how contaminants impact final site receptors (persons, plants, animals etc.). Typically a Tier 3 detailed risk assessment may require some form of fate and transport modelling and/or detailed toxicity assessment.