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Acoustics Testing

RCA Acoustics Broadens Noise Abatement Design Services

RCA Acoustics has been supplying professional design and project management services to branches of Roads and Maritime NSW for some years and has expanded its services geographically and professionally.  RCA Acoustics deals with noise and vibration and is now engaged by RMS Sydney, RMS Newcastle and RMS Urunga where road noise treatment design and project management services currently deliver works to around 300 dwellings in various stages.

In addition to noise treatment design, RCA Acoustics now also offers qualified Building Inspection and Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) assessment to report on suitability and viability of treatment programme requirements.

An ultrasonic glass gauge for the measurement of the thickness of glass laminates in acoustic windows has lead to the discovery of ‘ordering errors’ by suppliers and shows RCA’s commitment to verification procedures, materials specifications and quality assurance in general.  It does not make sense to us to stipulate policy outcomes which are being compromised for the sake of hurried installations and inferior materials.

Ventilation requirements need to be changed



Contentious Content @ NYE


RCA Acoustics was tasked with the compliance measurements for a well promoted and attended 2015/16 New Year’s Eve Street party in inner Newcastle which was attended by about 4000 people.

A brilliant time was had by everyone including crew, staff, performers, patrons and law enforcement officers – there were hugs and kisses – no violence at all and the promoters need to be congratulated for putting on the event.  The atmosphere was electrifying and well suited for NYE.

Noise levels or better, music volumes, were kept within prescribed levels for the acts and our technician, after setting levels for the Rap Act, was just doing a round of measurements along the ‘most affected residences’ when coarse language hit.

It was a great PA system that delivered crisp and intelligible vocals – apart from thumping, stomach-slapping bass – all within Council’s compliance envelope.  The message from the Rap Act was clearly understood by patrons.

Unfortunately so did a few of the residents, as it turned out, when the event was over and our technician was confronted by licensing authorities who were most upset and stated that they ‘clearly understood the words more than 500m away’.  Since compliance levels were taken at about 100m it follows that, at that distance, the sound level could not have been the issue.  Sometimes it’s clearly not how (loud) you say it, but what you say.

The gradient of the slope helps with the noise but not with the Bush Fire Attack level Rating