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Site Remediation

Aspects of environmental site remediation

RCA Australia has developed our reputation for quality work through the successful remediation of a broad range of projects, from smaller residential sites to large scale iconic industrial sites.

Successful contaminated site remediation requires detailed planning and the establishment of appropriate remediation goals. In NSW, remediation is assessed under clause 9 of SEPP55 and can be classified as either Category 1 or Category 2 Remediation depending on the type and extent of works required.

  • Category 1 remediation work requires development consent to be carried out
  • Category 2 remediation works may be undertaken without development consent, however, must comply with various other requirements

Active remediation requires some kind of planned human intervention and may include:

  • Site capping, containment cells or barrier walls ‘cap and contain
  • Soil, water, or groundwater treatment:
    • Landfarming
    • Acid sulphate soil neutralisation
    • Air Sparging / Biosparging
    • Multi-phase extraction (MPE)
    • Insitu Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)
    • Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination
    • Solvent-enhanced ISCO and MPE

Passive remediation relies on natural processes  to attenuate and/or reduce contaminant concentrations and may be used at low-risk sites where conditions are suitable remediation within an acceptable time period.

Often a range of remediation options may be utilised in order to meet clients’ needs and may be complemented through the development and implementation of site management strategies such as an environmental management plan (EMP).

RCA Australia has extensive experience undertaking remediation works and is in the unique position of being able to manage your entire project from site assessment to remediation to site validation. Additionally, we can offer a full range of company services to enable a holistic and cost-effective complete project strategy.